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Mon, 24 May 2004

IE context menu extensions11:35:24 AM

Raymond, ever the source of interesting info, details how to extend the context menu in IE.  This was the first feature that I coded up at MS after I joined back in 97.  This came in late in the IE4 product cycle.  It is cool to see that it still comes up once in a while.  The original idea was to allow a dictionary program to let you right click on a word to get a definition.  It turns out to be much more powerful than that.

Slashdot results10:31:07 AM

My entry pointing to our WinHEC slides resulted in links from quite a few sites and a ton of hits.  Top among these was an article on Slashdot.  Also notable are links from OSNews and Brad Wardell (  In the last year my blog has gotten 20k hits (not counting RSS reads).  In the last day it has gotten something like 25k hits.  I'm sure that most of those 25k people won't be back to read this entry, but I'll respond anyway.

I appreciate the attention and I've been trying to keep up with all of the comments.  Here are some notes and responses:

Well, hopefully that runs the gamut.  I probably missed some stuff, but I have to get some real work done today.

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