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Sun, 4 Sep 2005

1 Year at Google7:04:24 PM

I left Microsoft for Google one year ago today.

I've got to be honest; it was a little scary when I left.  I started at Microsoft right out of college after two internships.  Up until a year ago, the lion's share of my professional experience had been at Microsoft.  Microsoft can be a very comfortable place (much less so since they've been cutting benefits).  From the outside, I've also been able to look at Microsoft with different eyes.  What I used to rationalize away now appears absurd on the face.

It is one year later and I'm sure that I made the right decision.  I've been much happier over the last year at Google.  I'm sure some of it was the excitement of just doing something different, but a lot of it really came from the energy of those I work with and actually shipping product.

Oh yeah, and my non-compete and non-solicit contracts with Microsoft have now expired.  If you are looking for new challenges feel free to send me a resume.

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