Moving offices

Wed, Oct 27, 2004

It's true -- Google is opening a development office in Kirkland.  In fact, we are moving tonight into our new offices.  So far there has been a small group of us working in some temporary offices.  It is going to be nice to move into a more permanent space where we can actually talk about work in the hallways!

Other nice things about moving:

  • Someone else is going to get and stock the drink fridge.  We've been doing it so far by assigning people to make Costco runs.
  • We'll have an espresso machine so we can all practice our barista skills.
  • Conference rooms we can use any time we want.
  • We can hang our own art on the walls.
  • Faster connection to the internet and to Mountain View.
  • Google colored bean bags everywhere. Apparently the company that makes the google beanbags isn't making them any more. I didn't ask as I assume this is a long and complicated story.  Don't worry -- we'll have foosball instead.
  • Lots and lots of whiteboards.

Stay tuned for more details!  We are planning an open house party so that Seattle knows we are here.  I don't think we can invite thousands of people like Scoble is suggesting -- they just wouldn't fit.  Unfortunately I won't be around for the party because I'm going to be out of town on a photography trip.  I'm really disappointed I'm going to miss it.