Custom Weighted Vests

Tue, Jul 4, 2006

Happy fourth!

I just wanted to post a note bragging about my sister, Jill.  The Chicago Tribune just ran an article about her and her daughter Ellie.  Ellie has what they are calling "Sensory Integration Disorder."  She is basically really hyper and needs to jump, spin, rock, swing, etc.  I think I probably had a touch of something similar when I was small.  One of the things that helps Ellie has been a weighted vest.  Jill couldn't find any she and Ellie liked and so made one herself.  It turned out so well, she decided to start making them for others. 

I've helped her get a web site up and running to show off what she has done.  Check it out at You can also check out some other custom sewing she does at